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Wilderness Survival Classes

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When you visit the Wilderness unintentionally, like after crashing your plane, or intentionally but unprepared, our program will teach you how to stay alive until rescued. It also teaches you techniques that will speed your rescue. You will learn to build fires, find food and water, build a shelter, signal for help, navigate with an improvised compass, and much more... Email us, write or call for a free brochure. Click on "SPECIALS" for our current "training specials".

Cost and Registration


Total Cost of this 80 hour program is only $495 (reduced from $595!). It includes a Textbook, 24 hours Continuing Education Credit, a DVD with more than 40 skill videos, and ALL Food, Drinks, Snacks and Refreshments for the Campout. Food is prepared by an expert Camp Cook. Special Diets or Meal Plans are accommodated. Check our Web Site for information about recruiting” discounts. Make Check Payable to “ESTC” and mail to P.O. Box 41, Rimrock, Arizona 86335. You will receive a Registration Package in the mail with Directions, Dress Requirements, etc. promptly. Please click the PayPal Tab if you wish to use a Credit Card or PayPal to pay securely online. Email us with any questions you may have. Register NOW!

What will you learn?


Here is a list of just some of the skills you will learn and practice related to "survival"...

What to do first, how to set priorities, signal for help, build a shelter, build a fire from a pop can and chocolate bar, a bow drill, rubbing sticks, ice (yes ice!), steel wool, camera lenses, rifle scope, snow globe, rock and screwdriver, various batteries, water bottle, plastic bag, and more. You will learn how to determine direction, read a map, use a GPS, distill water, hunt food and water, catch fish, build snares and traps, tie knots, how to make "cordage" and rope, how to use a walking stick, how to cook without utinsils, how to prevent animal attacks, what to do if you are attacked by a bear, lion, or rabid animal, and how to build a stretcher. You will learn what NOT to do and of course all the medical and first aid training applicable to a wilderness environment! This includes how to "re-locate" at least five commonly dislocated joints and what to do if a diabetic patient is stranded far from medical care.